In the midst the COVID-19 outbreak, we at St. Mark’s and St. Luke’s want to do what we can to support our church family and our community. Please know that we are praying for our parishes, our country and our world during this difficult time and we hope that you will join us.

Below you will find some information and resources that will hopefully do just that.

Weekly Newsletter

We want to try and keep everyone ‘in the loop’ as much as possible regarding what’s going on here at St. Mark’s, St. Luke’s and even at our sister church St. Michael’s, Oulton so instead of our usual weekly broadsheet, we will have a weekly newsletter from our Team Rector, Rev. Helen Jary.  Click the link below to read the first edition.


On 17th March, 2020 the Archbiships of Canturbury and York suspended public worship.  With immediate effect all church services, groups, activities and homegroups have been put on hold.  We are soon hoping that we can offer liturgy for download for people to be able to worship within their homes.  In the meantime, the Church of England have provided Coronavirus (COVID-19) liturgy and prayer resources for all to access and use.

Holy Communion will be vicariously celebrated on Wednesdays, 9:30am at St. Mark’s by a single member of our clergy team.  Only the priest will partake in the sacraments and will do so as a representative of the entire church family.

Daily prayer will continue to be said through the week by individuals, usually at midday.  

The Church of England has encouraged churches to remain open wherever possible for people to come in and have a moment of private prayer.  As a result of this, St. Mark’s will be open Monday-Friday, 10:00am – 11:00am for private prayer.  All are welcome to stop in, but please ask that everyone observes social distancing and hygeine best practices.  We will be offering this until the governmental advice is to go into ‘lockdown’.

Life Events

Sadly, the Cornoavirus has greatly impacted upon weddings, funerals and baptisms.


Although the Church of England has said that baptisms may be performed, we at St. Mark’s and St. Luke’s have decided to suspended them for the time being.


Funerals may be carried out however there are specific guidelines in place.  Please be aware that as the outbreak spreads, these guidelines may change as well.  The Church of England website will have the most recent guidelines posted clearly.


Marriages can still be performed but the number of people allowed to be there is limited to five (5) – the minister, the couple and two witnesses.  We sadly cannot deviate from this at this time. 

The reading of Banns also cannot be carried out since public worship services have been suspended, therefore couples will need to seek out a Common License.

Again, please refer to the Church of England’s website for the most up to date information regarding life events during the COVID-19 outbreak. We will always do our best to fall in line with the current guidelines provided by the Church of England and the government.