Pastoral Care

How do we look after each other?

As Christians we believe that how we look after each other is a reflection of the love we have for Christ. It is therefore a vital part of our ministry and is achieved through a variety of welfare and social activities and members of the congregation praying for and looking out for each other.

Pastoral Team

We are blessed at St Mark’s, St. Luke’s & St. Michael's to have a Pastoral Team whose members aim to be non-intrusive while keeping a ‘sensitive eye’ on one another and who initiate pastoral contact when it is considered necessary. Team members make every effort to befriend and pray for those in their care and for new arrivals. As a new member of the Church, you will be assigned a pastoral link. This is the person who will ‘keep an eye’ out for you and who you can go to if you are in need.

Hospital Visits & Home Communion

These are offered to those in the congregation and wider parish, when requested, by members of St Mark’s ministry team.

If you, or someone in your family would like home Communion or a visit whilst in hospital you can speak to the welcome team, pastoral link or a member of the ministry team.

Bereavement Care

Care for the bereaved is a major part of our pastoral work in Oulton Broad. We have a policy of ‘follow up’ contact for those who have been bereaved. About a month after bereavement a card is sent, then a telephone call is made and later an invitation is sent out to the annual ‘All Souls’ service and other services and activities. We also offer follow up support for those in need of it.

If you would like to know more about any aspect of the pastoral work, or to get involved, contact or team rector, Rev Helen Jary.

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